BLOG: Lockdown Hair Protection with F&M Hairdressing

With current restrictions affecting our regular hair appointments, it's still essential to give our locks the TLC they deserve.

To help your clients during this time, Kevin Paul Finnell and the team from F&M Hairdressing have put together their top lockdown hair protection tips....

Even though we are still in a national lockdown, it is so important to connect with your clients and encourage them to take extra care of their hair, as now is the time it needs it the most.

Winter, as we know, is often harsh and can take its toll on hair, the damage from the elements and the overuse of heated appliances tops the list and are the main causes of serious hair damage. However, as we are in lockdown, there are many more harsh factors which are now contributing to the damage of the hair, which many clients are not aware off.

One of the most common causes of damage is the overuse of hair ties. Being at home, many people are happy to tie their hair up and out of their face, thinking by doing this they are avoiding heated appliances and the weather. However, as we all know, the bobble itself being used more frequently than ever can cause breakage within the middle of the hair, as continuous rubbing and friction can cause severe breakage.

As well as this, having hair tied up and out of the way results in less brushing. As many as 23% of clients admitted to not brushing their hair whilst tied up for over three days in research conducted over Lockdown (source; national body research.) This encourages matting and breakage and is in fact more damaging to the hair.

With many clients opting for some serious self-care during January and the first few months of 2021, here are my top tips for looking after their hair and preventing damage during lockdown 3.0;
Hair masques – once per week

Absolutely necessary during the winter months and lockdown period. As many clients are still stuck at home, harsh elements such as central heating will cause the hair to dry out and cause damage. Using a professional hair masque once per week not only nourishes the hair, it also injects key nutrients back into the hair to strengthen and repair it. I would suggest the TIGI Copyright Custom Care Repair Booster to clients who have hair that needs some TLC. The booster contains 10x more keratin than using a shampoo and conditioner and strengthens the hair after just one use.

Change up the hairstyles

Encourage your clients to experiment with different hair styles, allowing the hair to breathe. Perhaps a relaxed topknot on day one which can be taken down and styled into beautiful waves the next. Plaits and braids which can be worn tight or relaxed and taken out to create a wonderfully voluminous flowing style the next. This results in less damage and breakage.

Use a leave in conditioner

A great way to combat the effects of home working and central heating or over exposure to the natural winter elements, is using a product which creates a protective barrier against this is key to avoiding damage, it's incredible how well a leave-in conditioner works. It also nourishes the hair whilst adding a beautiful shine. A win win product.

Avoiding heated appliances

The one piece of advice we all offer and one that is often difficult to follow. When I speak to clients, I explain that during lockdown is the best time to take a break from the straighteners. Learn to love the natural texture and movement of their hair and give it time to breathe and be itself! By doing so during these times, your hair will very much thank you later.

Luke-warm washing

We all love to get a heat in us, especially in this weather, however when washing hair, we discourage clients from washing their hair in extremely hot water and encourage them to wash in luke-warm water, as this is nicer and gentler on the hair. It's a well-known fact that the hotter the water the more colour fade and damage that will be endured, so it is really important to make clients aware of this too.

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