Finalists announced for the Wella Professionals TrendVision Award 2020

The finalists for the Wella Professionals TrendVision Award 2020 have been revealed.

For 2020, the prestigious competition has adopted a whole new format, with exceptional amends made so that it could still go ahead, despite COVID-19.

This year has seen the introduction of five completely new categories, all of which were entered on Instagram. Finalists have already made it through the initial first photographic stage of the competition, before competing at the Digital UK Regional & Ireland Heats (also online). This involved submitting their original before and after looks from their photographic entry, and recording a short video explaining the technique, inspiration, application and inspiration behind their looks.

Categories for 2020 include: Colour Artist; Colour Specialist; Editorial Look; Craft Artist; Men's Hair and Style Master. The full list of finalists can be viewed here.

The next stage is the UK & Ireland TrendVision Award 2020 Grand Final, which will take place digitally. Competitors will be sent a full brief on the comprehensive requirements, which will involve creating a whole new look, with extensive work required to support each submission.

Judge, Akin Konizi, said the new filming stage has brought a whole new dimension to the Wella Trend Vision judging process. “It gives us an opportunity to see the person behind the creation and hear their passion and inspiration in their own words,” he says. “My advice would be to keep it simple, relevant, interesting and concise. Make it as exciting and full of enthusiasm as you can without overdoing it."

"Remember, it's not about you, it's about your work and inspirations, so don't feel self-conscious. Just be yourself and be professional," he adds.

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